Ashley Simpson: Ashley's Army

Thirty-four years ago, this little nugget came into the world to spread joy, and her infectious smile, to everyone she encountered. 

Her parents called her Ashley Marie.

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds. Her mouth hinted at a smile that would melt a thousand hearts. 

Nineteen months ago, someone stole this child from Cindy and John Simpson. 

We want her back.

Someone, somewhere, knows something.

It's time to come clean, or make a mistake. 

We are watching.

We are Ashley's Army, and our reach is far and wide. 

If you killed her, we will find you, and you will be brought to justice. 

If you have her, we want her back. 

We will never give up.

The hills have eyes.

The lakes have ears. 

Her bones will rise.

People will talk. 

Lest you forget. 

Ashley's Army is watching you. 


  1. sindal simpson aka john simpson16 November 2017 at 16:41

    great job once again rose cant tell ya how much we love ur pieces ,one day cuzz we,ll meet till then peace and love NEVER GIVE UP NEVER !!! #ashleysarmy

  2. Part of Ashleys army. Not a day goes by that I pray for the Simpson family to have their prayers answered.


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