Ashley Simpson: A Father Remembers

I have asked Ashley Simpson's family and friends to give us a glimpse into the life she lived before going missing nearly a month ago. Here is how her father John remembers his sweet girl.

Ashley was a treat when she came into this world, a smashing 9lbs 8 ounces with a  head full of hair and nails that needed to be clipped.

She has made many friends in her journey of life and continues to make them as we speak. She has made this world a better place by her love of mankind and this place we call Earth; unfortunately this life she has lived hasn't been the best for her.

She has suffered through unbearable pain and suffering through her menstrual cycles. She has cysts on her ovaries that make those 10 days a living hell. She had one of her ovaries removed when she was just 14; the other they won't take out till she is 40 or older. Years of hell for my Ashley. I so feel her pain every month but she doesn't quit, doesn't give in.  

That's my girl, a real trooper. She cares more for others than anyone could ever imagine. 

This I know for she has been by my side working with me for the last 20 years, starting by serving the captains on ships. When she came on with me for visits when she was 12, I would say we all have to earn our keep so you need to serve the crew when you are on the ship.

 She loved the idea of travelling at an early age.  We often travelled to see friends and family across the country and the USA.  We went to museums to monuments across the country.  

I remember her first real sea sickness day when we left Newfoundland on a ship and hit rough seas. When we left the harbour, it wasn't pretty but she did her best as long as she could. Seasickness will get you  and it's not pleasant.

She loved dinosaurs, gemology, meeting new faces, and especially kids. She could not get enough of them all of them.  I haven't met many persons who haven't just wanted to hug her and be with her.  She's just that kind of person.

Ashley washed dishes in restaurants where I worked when she was young. She was younger than I was when she took on her first job as chief cook on a ship. 

She has a love of travel, to see Canada and all its glory, as well as the darker side of places. She is not afraid of things she doesn't know about. She will investigate till she has an understanding of the situation.

Ashley has worked in oil camps, diamond mines and restaurants.  She works at the LONGHOUSE LODGE with me. This is our 6th year there. She is loved by all at the Longhouse and has made many American friends there.  She will be greatly missed if she misses this year.

There is only one thing greater than her love of the outdoors and nature and that's her love for family.  She has a joy for the planet, to see things others don't, go places, explore, become one with nature. Her love of animals is only matched for her love of her nieces and nephews, sisters and family members.


Unfortunately, she has had troubles in her love life, and has not been able to find the right one, the one who cares as much as she does about the things she holds dear.  She has met some very terrible men in her life; she has been beaten more than once by those she had loved. This troubles me.  Has she met her match?  She is a fighter; she won't give in, or up.

These are men who love to beat women cause they can.

I have borne witness to one of these situations.  They tried to beat me but couldn't. I wouldn't let them. I stood my ground, protected my young, got beat but they got the worse. Two thugs thought they could do want they wanted but the training I got in the military saved me.   My hand to hand combat kicked in. They suffered more than I. 

Men like this got away with it.  Most of the time, there was  nothing done to them except a slap on the back. Where is our caring society that allows this to go on? Take a look around. How often do you see it, and then turn your head when it happens?  Say, oh my, but stay on the side lines.

I end this with wishes to be with our Ashley once again, and enjoy her love of life and laughter.   

Stay safe my girl till we find you.

John Simpson


  1. thanks rose

  2. such a heart felt in sight on Miss Ashley Simpson from my Brother the love she has is intense and well can never be forgotten i know she sure touched my heart and i miss her dearly and hope for her safe return , i know i will not give up on the search for our Ashley love you big brother keep the faith stay strong as i always say TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !

  3. I am so sorry for what u r going through. I don't know Ashley but I been following it from day one. I live in St. Catharines. Everyone is praying for your sweet girl to come home to her family.

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  5. Has she still not been found?

  6. These words written by Ashley's Dad really touched me. Blessed to have such a loving Dad.

  7. God bless your entire family and I pray for closure for you all. We wish for a safe return and although it doesn't seem possible at this point miracles happen every day. Never forget that contagious smile I see in every photo of Ashley. Sending prayers, strength and courage to each and every one of you! Xoxo

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