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Katrina Blagdon: The Search Continues

  On Sunday, volunteers travelled to St. Catharines from across the province to help in the search for Katrina Blagdon, the 37-year-old Army veteran who went missing on New Year's Eve. They fanned out across the area surrounding Martindale Pond, and the Henley Course, in hopes of finding any evidence of what might have happened to the mother-of-two. Searchers included other military personnel, as well as friends and family of the well-liked woman who was reported missing on New Year's Day. The last sighting of Trina was on New Year's Eve around 6 p.m. at a local sub shop. She disappeared without her wallet or her lime green Jeep, and there has been no cell phone activity since that night. Her family, some of whom have come to St. Catharines from as far as Nova Scotia, are being supported by more than 3,000 members of a Facebook site which has been set up to organize searches and to provide accurate information about her case. She is also being supported by a well organized
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Katrina Blagdon: Trina's Army

  Just be a good person, love who you can, help where you can, give what you can."                                                                                                         Trina Blagdon, December 14, 2021 Ask anyone who knows Trina Blagdon, and they will tell you that they have never known a more positive person. While others are trashing their exes, and complaining about the plague, Trina spends her time on Facebook posting positive messages. But she is so much more than platitudes. Trina is a woman of action.  She was a soldier for 14 years, and has been to Afghanistan. She saw first hand what suffering was. Like most who served, she kept her suffering to herself, preferring to help others in her military family through the hard times. She took in a girl whose mother was deployed. "I've never been more scared in my life," Rachel wrote on her Facebook page when Trina went missing. "My rock was leaving, my mom, my best friend. I fell into a pretty

Katrina Blagdon: Fourteen Days Gone

  As John Simpson prepared himself for a return to British Columbia to retrieve the ashes of his beloved daughter Ashley, another women's family began a frantic search for their own missing loved one right in John's own backyard.  Trina Blagdon was reported missing on New Year's Day. She is 37, the same age Ashley would be if she hadn't been murdered six years earlier in the small town of Salmon Arm. John couldn't help but notice the similarities between the two women. Ashley was raised in rough places, in logging and fishing camps across the country working as an assistant to her dad who is cook. She knew how to live in the wilderness, and survive in the elements.  Trina is a military vet who retired in 2016 as a M/Cpl after 14 years in the Army. She had proudly fought in Afghanistan, and there wasn't much she hadn't seen in her young life. So going missing on New Year's was alarming for her family. People like Ashley and Trina don't vanish into th

Ashley's Ashes

  Yesterday, John Simpson took his daughter Ashley for a walk in the drizzly nasty B.C. weather, and had a long talk with her.  It's been six long years since the pair were together, working side-by-side, cooking up grub up in Pink Mountain, B.C. Six years since Ashley disappeared after a fight with her boyfriend, Derek Favell, who now resides, rightly so, in a prison of his own making. Now, they are once again joined at the hip, together again forever, their fate sealed by a moment in time. The talk was one-sided, of course. Ashley will never again make cupcakes for her nieces or take a dare to toboggan down a steep hillside in a bikini. There will be no more fishing trips, or adventures. No more photos for the selfie queen.  John is bringing his beloved daughter home in a box. He only has Ashley's Ashes to talk to now, but it gives him comfort. He can feel her spirit emanating from her urn, and take some solace in the fact that she is no longer exposed to the rain and the sno

Pamela Jones: 10 Years Gone

  Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you terribly. I try very hard to make you proud of me every single day, I will never stop fighting for your justice; I love you!!! Today would have been my mom's 83rd birthday; I am quite sure she would have made it to this milestone no problem, her killer had other ideas!!! My birthday wish for Mom, is Justice and closure."  December 9, 2021 -- Lance Jones Ten years ago, Pamela Jones was murdered in cold blood in her car port in Salmon Arm, B.C. The former school teacher was known by nearly everyone in this town of 17,000 but to date no one knows who left the senior to die alone. The police have never told the family how she died. Her son, Lance Jones, was denied access to the medical examiner's report, and says he's been kept in the dark and basically told to keep his mouth shut. He now lives in Calgary, Alberta. Every day, he does 100 push ups in his mother's memory; so far he had done 59,000 push ups. He also runs the Pamela Jones F

Ashley Simpson: Death Threats for the Holidays

 I was going to write something a little upbeat this weekend. It's been a sad time for the Simpson family, but everyone is grateful to the RCMP that Ashley's remains were found. Even after nearly six years, it's gratifying to know that they never stopped looking for her. And we were pretty pumped that Derek Favell has finally been charged with second degree murder and is remanded into custody until December 21, with the judge giving him the opportunity to secure legal counsel. No problem, dude, everyone is entitled to a lawyer. We'll give you that. But seriously, Derek. You need to get better friends. I mean, it appears, you still have some.  Like this beauty who sent me a friendly note of condolences on Messenger. I have questions.  Amanda, what's up girl? Why so angry?  Perhaps you need some counselling. Or an actual life.  My cousin John whose daughter was murdered also received a lovely note from you last night. I cannot share it because it is so profane that I

Ashley Simpson: What I Want for Christmas

This is Amanda, Ashley's sister. If anyone knows her whereabout please contact myself or my mother....ASAP!!!                                                                                               April 30, 2016 My cousin Julie Major was worried and shared the post on Facebook with her friends and family. I was confused. I had never heard of Ashley Simpson, or Julie's brother John who had apparently been adopted years ago by my father's brother, Murray. It's a long story. Suffice to say Julie had many siblings who were adopted by my aunts and uncles, who raised them as their own. I knew three of the little adoptees but had no recollection of Uncle Murray adopting John who was the blood grandson of Murray's wife Henrietta. Stay with me here.  So now I had a cousin named John and his daughter was missing out in Salmon Arm.  I was intrigued. "Why would she not call?" Julie asked me in a Messenger post. "It's not her nature to not contact her m