Ashley Simpson; Her father speaks

A message from John Simpson:

The support and love we are getting from family, friends and strangers is very overwelming to say the least. We love that and will never forget the love.

Our daughter Ashley has been missing for over 18 months; others have been missing much longer. 
At first, there was concern over the missing, then it died down to a dribble. Now, after 18 months of anguish, we get dozens of calls from the media -- papers, radio, Internet -- all with more concern about how things are. 

After numerous walks and interviews, searching and researching, barbecues and golf tournaments, over these 18 months, we haven't given up. 

Why did the media give up? Why did the community leaders give up? Why did our government and our police force give up?

Why didn't they see the missing as a national tragedy? Why did we, as a whole, leave our friends and neighbours out there, lost, to fend for themselves. Why did we give up looking, searching, caring?

If we had had thousands out looking, maybe as a community, we could heal the wounds that the missing and murdered make within our souls. Now is not the time to look away, now is the time to get involved in solving this crime of the missing.

When you hear of one missing in your area, go and help. Use whatever means at your disposal to help.

Don't let anyone become another victim. Show them that we care enough to help, Let's heal this wound and make it a better place.



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