Charlottesville: The War Has Come to Us

I was looking at this little face yesterday, the face that always makes me smile and laugh, and I felt that the world has let her down.

Her great-grandfather and his brothers volunteered, more than 60 years ago, to go to war to protect the world from a hateful movement that sprang up an ocean away.

I wonder today if my kids would follow their grandfather's lead if needed? Or would they say: why should we get involved? It's not our battle.

As I watched CNN this morning, while she played quietly in the corner, and the horrifying images from Charlottesville kept repeating on a loop, I couldn't help but think that we haven't been paying attention. 

President 45 -- I will not write his name -- said it best.

"What you think our country is so innocent?"

My dad went to war to keep hate from spreading. But that effort was just a bandaid on a tumor that has just grown larger and larger under our watch. The cancer of hate has spread.

And our generation let it.

We were so busy playing with our phones, being distracted by shiny objects like so many magpies, that we have allowed hate to fester under our watch. 

Dad went to the war.

And now, the war has come to us. 


Don't say there's nothing we can do.

See these CEOs? The ones who still support President 45?

Hit 'em where it hurts. 


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