Ashley Simpson: 16 Months Gone

It's been a devastating week for John Simpson's family.

He's still coping with the loss of his beloved daughter Ashley who has been missing for 16 months, and is presumed dead.

The family is trying to hold it together. John's wife, Cindy, is working on the boats in the Welland Canal. They continue to hold fundraisers to pay search efforts, and a few months back, John returned to Salmon Arm, where Ashley was last seen, to try to find her.

Despite all efforts by John, the amazing community, and a handful of drones, the search came up empty. It's as if Ashley vanished into thin air. No one has been charged, and police say there are no suspects.

In July, John returned to the Longhouse, in Huntsville, Ontario, where he works as a cook each summer. It's been a devastating time, financially, and John desperately needed "the scratch".  So John has counted on the Longhouse for a bit of stability.

What happened last week was right out of a Stephen King novel.

An horrific tornado blew through the property taking down large trees, shifting the base of the ancient main house, and terrifying John's grandkids who clung onto the doors to try to keep them from blowing off. (Tornados aren't exactly common here in Canada, so residents aren't prepared the way people  might be in the U.S. There are no great root cellars to crawl into.)

Thank goodness everybody was alright, but John lost his summer in Huntsville, and is now looking for work.

One of the pieces of good news is that B.C. Crime Stoppers has put out a video in hopes of finding someone, anyone, who might know something about Ashley's disappearance.

Here it is. As Cindy says, somebody, somewhere, knows something.

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Never give up.


  1. My prayers go out to you and your family

  2. Unbelievable!!! Karma needs to knock on someones door cause the ppl that know where ashley is are living life like nothing ever happened and we all have our own ideas about who knows what!!!!one day some way some how you will come home ashley and those who prevented you from doing so will meet thier maker and answer for thier inhumanity,always in our prayers,strength to her family xoxo


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