Saturday, 13 May 2017

Ashley Simpson: If Anyone Can Find Her, John Can

John Simpson has a window, a couple of weeks, to find his beloved daughter who went missing a year ago from her home in Salmon Arm, B.C.
He's dropped everything, left his loved ones behind, to make a last ditch effort to find her.
But Mother Nature is not on his side.
Like Moses, he has come up against a wall of water that is keeping him from the places he believes he might find her, or at least evidence of her.
Frustration and anxiety are building. His tears are flowing faster than Margaret Falls, one of Ashley's favorite places. But there's no going back for this father.
He's not giving up. Even if he doesn't find Ashley, John will never give up.
John will continue to soldier on in his quest to act as an advocate for missing and murdered women in Canada. This afternoon, he will join in a town meeting where the people of Salmon Arm and nearby parts will be venting their frustration.
Three women missing without a trace.
This small community is reeling.
And frightened.
John has received calls, emails and Facebook messages from the locals who are anxious to help him search for his child and to feed him and put him up for a few days.
The community is embracing him, and letting him know that the people are there for him.
Most people at least.
Because there is still a killer on the loose.
Maybe more.
It's been a hard week for John who has had numerous meetings with the RCMP.
They tell him not to search alone. This is a dangerous place. The wild is as terrifying as it is breathtaking..
What's the worst for John is that the RCMP have confirmed they consider that Ashley met with foul play. She hasn't been kidnapped or sold on the street.
The mission, as they say, is a recovery mission.
And that's the hardest fact of all for this kind and loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather.
But everybody who knows John knows.
Don't count him out.
He's determined to find her.
If anyone can find Ashley, John Simpson can.


  1. thank you Rose ur right mother nature is putting her best up to prevnt me from travelling the shore line of the creeks but that didn't work now I have 2 drones to help in yhe search that will cover what would take me all week and then some it could be done in a day or two , I have a ground force of volenterrs and of course the ladies from the murdered and missing group will be there to help also I feel like this might just work at the very least the huge melt off that hasn't happened yet but in a few more weeks will flush my girl out if she,s caught in the clutter of trees and branches that litter the creek I,m not giving up ever not this fight not till there is justice for all the missing and murdered, as we need to fix this horror and never ever let it come to this point again,we as a nation need to make CANADA safe again to travel for all

  2. John, I wish I was home in SA right now so I could come help you search. I've been so angry that more people haven't cared about her disappearance until just recently. I didn't know her but my heart breaks just the same. My thoughts are with you. Follow your gut and don't ever give up.