Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ashley Simpson and her Mother Bear

When Ashley Simpson went missing a year ago, the person who placed the call to the RCMP was her mom, Cindy Mcgean Simpson. That was the hardest day of Cindy's life.
No, let me take that back.
Everyday since has been the hardest day of her life, always wondering what happened to poor Ashley. If it's hard for John, who literally wakes up crying every single day, it must be excruciating for Cindy.
I have watched her over the past year, and I've been amazed at her strength and resolve as she continues to prop up the rest of the family and carry on.
This weekend, while John was out in Salmon Arm starting his search for his missing girl, Cindy was busy holding a garage sale to raise money for his quest. At Christmas, she went on a ship through the Welland Canal to cook, and help keep the lights on at home.
We share the soul and heart of the Mother Bear protecting her cubs.
We put aside our own pain to soothe the hearts of our children, and to put salve on every cut and wound.
We inspire them to greatness even when we ourselves feel small.

But I wonder: who soothes the heart of a mother who has had her child ripped away from her in such a terrible fashion?
My sincere wish for Mother's Day is that John finds Ashley and finally brings her home to her mother where she belongs.

Let us never forget that motherhood is not just a lifelong job, it's a calling.
Bless you, Cindy.
I hope the kids make you something nice for dinner.
And make them do the dishes.


  1. Sure sounds like the Cindy I know and love❤️

  2. Much love to that Cindy and her family. Definitely one of the best ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet and love. Happy Mother's Day Cindy!! I pray that questions are answered, and Ashley the is brought home.