Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ashley Simpson: One Year Gone

Courtesy of Fred Bowering
It's hard to believe a year has gone by since Ashley Simpson disappeared without a trace from her home in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

What a world we live in.

In honor of our Ashley, I am posting some thoughts from her family. Please add your thoughts and prayers. If you have a little extra in the bank, perhaps you would consider contributing at Go Fund Me to help her father, John, who will soon be on the road back to Salmon Arm to look for her.

God Bless.

John Remembers:

Well, Ash, my girl. It's been a long, very long year with so much confusion, heartache, pain and sorrow. One would think we would break, end all the drama that has been made since your disappearance. We walk the talk and breathe you every moment of our lives. Your sisters are all in a very bad spot with you gone and no answers as we all hope every day is that we will wake from this nightmare.

Amanda Langlois Remembers:

I can't believe it's been one year. One year since you were taken from us. I really wish we would all wake up and this nightmare will be over. I hate that I'll never see you again. I hate that my girls won't have you to look up to. I hate that they cry at night cause they miss you. Lucy said the other night that she wished you would come home. "Auntie Ashley never leaves us this long!"

How do I explain to her that you are never coming back? This has been the most trying year of my life.

Amy Simpson Remembers:

This has been the hardest year of my life. I still can't make any sense of what's happening. I have changed so much this year, wondering, going over the last time I spoke to you, saw you. I can't believe it's been a year. Some days are numbing, most days are angry but always wondering what I could have done differently. None of us will be the same, things seem so lifeless without your laughter. Your presence is in everything I see around me. I am so thankful for that! We say NEVER GIVE UP but some days are harder than others. I miss you so much. I love you my sister.

Julie Major Remembers:

It is a heartfelt day for my family. Today marks one year since Ashley Simpson went missing. Not a day has gone by that we have not thought of you or wondered: are you going to walk in the door? Where did you go? What happened to you? How does this happen to such a beautiful soul or anyone for that matter? We like to think of you as on an adventure and that you just lost track of time. But one year... I think not.

Rose Remembers:
Ashley, you changed us. You shook up the world, made us feel all the feels. Please know that this world will never forget you, and we will never stop fighting for justice.
For you, and little Nathan.

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