Monday, 13 March 2017

Ashley Simpson: The Last Selfie?

I just received this selfie taken by Michael Sarrazin who accompanied Ashley Simpson to Margaret Falls. It was taken on April 27th, the day she disappeared, and was given to the RCMP by Mike.

According to the last people who saw Ashley, she disappeared shortly after returning from this trip. Thanks Mike.

Thanks also to True Crimes and Mysteries, and Rebecca Duke who has done a followup interview with Mike.

And a final note, if you want to learn more about Ashley's case, and the timeline, you can visit this site. Thanks to Shane for all his good work.

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  1. Awesome words and heartbreaking at the same time, i hope where ever you are gypsy girl that your smiling that smile, xo but ya really do need to come home, if just for a moment, to give your parents a sign that your ok now,. Xo