Ashley Simpson Day

Yesterday was Ashley Simpson Day in the media.

I want to direct you to an outstanding series that has been written by St. Catharines Standard reporter Grant LaFleche.

You can read parts one and two here.
And part three here.

The second media site is a podcast out of Idaho called True Crimes and Mysteries. It's run by Rebecca and Mike Duke who explore the underbelly of crime in the U.S. and now in Canada. They are raising some very interesting questions about Ashley's case. They'll also provide future updates, so if you know anything, anything at all, please contact them.

I hope you will take the time to read Grant's stories, and listen to the podcast, and share it. Taken together, they explain a lot.

And if you know something, speak up.

You never know who might be listening!


  1. Great coverage to keep Ashley's story out there, not an easy thing to do. Someone, somewhere knows something. I hope you get new information to help find her soon.


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