Ashley Simpson: Eight Months Gone

Meme by Maureen Task

It's been eight months to the day that Ashley Simpson disappeared. I wanted to share some words from the family as we remember her during this holiday season.

Coming up to eight months since you have left us, wondering where you have gone. We still hang on to that string of hope even though is frayed, and ready to tear. But we mend it with love and hope for you, my dear, that one day you will be back with us, one way or another.

We missed you much over the holidays and you were in everyone's thoughts.

You were there with us in our hearts and souls.

We haven't given up hope.


John Simpson, Father

On this day, the 27th of April, eight months ago, you left to come home.
Where did you go? Someone has to have seen you ? Why will no one speak out ? What are they afraid of ? 

These questions and more will forever go through our heads, until we have some answers to where you have gone,  our Ashley. We will never give up.

Will never stop looking , and most of all, never stop asking QUESTIONS and hoping for the answers. For now, we will think of you often and love you even more as our prayers go out in hopes someone will hear them, in hopes that maybe one day you will walk back into our lives.

 Julie Major, Aunt

I invite anyone who would like to share something about Ashley to leave your thoughts here. You can also email me at and I will share your sentiments in another blog.

It's important to keep Ashley's spirit in this realm. Maybe our collective voice will rise up and reach the ears of someone, anyone, who might have seen her.



  1. thanks rose another nice piece love it that you keep up the support it means the world to the family ,thanks from all of us myself Cin Amanda Amy and Tara ,and the little ones Lucas Emma Lucy Anni willy and soon to be Cryus , The Simpsons thanks Happy Holidays

  2. Such a beautiful face...kindest heart...and gentlest soul. Hopefully some answers surface soon. I don't know you (her family), but I've known Ashley for many years (16 to be exact). She was auntie Ashley to my two oldest. I remember her smile often...laughing in the water at rice lake...chasing the kids around. Truly an amazing person. I pray for her safe return and I pray for you all. Sending love and hugs to all of you ...especially at this tough time of year. Until we see her gorgeous smile again she will live in our hearts. Xo ~Meg~


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