Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Happy birthday, Ashley Simpson: Seven months gone

Today, on your birthday, your mom and dad are lighting a bonfire in your honor.

The assembled friends and family feel the warmth, but it doesn't come from the fire. It comes from the love that embraces them, your love, which you left behind when you disappeared nearly seven months ago.

You tell us not to be sad. You tell us to rejoice.

In your short time here, you made your mark.

You say:

Do not be afraid, I am with you, forever with you.

I am at peace.

My spirit pulses through your veins, my laughter lives within all of you.

I am somewhere, catching the big fish, teasing and cajoling.

I am one with you.

Always and forever.

For I know, that I am forever loved.

And that means the world.

From those who miss you, know this.

You will always be with us, in your special way.

To you, my cousin, whom I never met, but feel I know. To you, I say this.

You are the girl who touched my heart, and the hearts of so many.

We love you.



Know, too, that we will not rest until you are found.

Happy birthday. Sleep well.

You will always be young and beautiful.

You are remembered in our hearts forever.

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