Monday, 6 June 2016

Ashley Simpson: 38 Days Gone

My cousin John Simpson is nearly frantic with worry.

He's unable to do anything, maybe a bit of gardening, but his thoughts are consumed by the fact his daughter has been missing in Salmon Arm, B.C. since April 28th.

He's also frustrated that the police have not provided any update on the case, which the RCMP is now considering a homicide. Three weeks have gone by, and not word one. Now, of course, we all know that the RCMP doesn't comment on active cases -- doesn't want to show its hand -- but it would be helpful to the family to get some news, any news.

John is vowing to continue to keep Ashley's image and story in the public eye.

Meanwhile, the family and friends of Ashley participated on a walk to raise money for Gillian's Place in Niagara which helps and shelters women who come from violent circumstances. The team came 5th for overall donations, and won the award for Team Spirit.

Kudos to Team Ashley for doing for others when they are themselves in need.

If you can help at all, don't forget to visit the GoFundMe site.

Thanks for your continued interest in our missing girl.

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  1. So many causes, this cause make you cry, but so does toe wrot . Stop and think do we have too many. Let the RCMP do it job