Justin Trudeau's Bar Room Blitz

Now that Mike Duffy has been vindicated by a learned judge, the Parliamentary Press Gallery is stewing over the fact there are no good scandals to cover.

Sure, there's lot's going on: votes and amendments on the whole assisted suicide matter, concern over the plight of the poor folks in Fort McMurray and region, even the fascinating subject of electoral reform.

While those subjects are serious, relevant and even somewhat urgent, members of the Gallery have decided that there are more interesting matters at hand, and have focused their laser beams on two subjects: whether Sophie Gregoire Trudeau deserves more hired help, and whether the Prime Minister should be sanctioned for an accidental boob shot to an NDP MP.

Jesus H. Christ. Have we lost our collective minds?

On the matter of SGT, the so-called "tall poppy" who is getting beaten up by mean girls on social media, everybody should just get stuffed. Mila Mulroney had a suite of offices and minions to do her bidding, as well as a chauffeur to take her to Montreal to get her bangs cut. As for the other "first ladies," they were nice ladies but they didn't like or want the limelight and weren't asked to do half the stuff that SGT is being asked to do or attend.

It's true Laureen Harper didn't get much help, but then most of her causes involved volunteer work surrounding the plight of household pets and galas where her husband whinged his way through a series of golden oldies.

Canadians are actually asking SGT for her help on a number of fronts, and she wants to oblige, but she doesn't even have the time to answer her mail. I don't think it would kill taxpayers to fork over money to hire a couple of students to help her. We're not talking rocket science here. Minimum wage, that's all. And working for the Prime Minister's wife would look great on a resume.

Problem solved.

Next, to the House of Commons, and that embarrassing display yesterday. Everybody should be ashamed of themselves. Everybody. But in the Prime Minister's defence, he was simply acting on his training as a schoolteacher/bouncer, trying to get all the kids to take their seats. Really, Ruth Ellen, you wouldn't have gotten hurt if you had been sitting in your seat.

And the claim the Prime Minister "manhandled" that Brown fellow is laughable and ridiculous. The man, obviously, has never ridden a subway in Toronto, let alone played a game of pick up hockey.

"He grabbed me, like, really, really hard," you could hear him saying.

Grow a pair.

I'm not defending JT, because, let's face it, he acted like an ass yesterday. He was a big douche, with a mouth in need of a good soaping.

But seriously, those who claim his actions have denigrated Parliament should play back tapes from Question Period.

He apologized. Let's get over it.

As Scott Feschuk said today, "How the opposition should have responded: Dude, not cool. Get your shit together. How they did respond, ASSAULTY MAURAUDER APOCALYPSE!"

The media needs a time out, too.

To paraphrase Shakespeare," It is a tale told by idiots in the Press Gallery, signifying nothing."


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