Body shaming at Movati Fitness

While the Opposition was busy bullying Justin Trudeau in the Commons yesterday, there was an even bigger scandal brewing in the Nation's Capital.

Let's call it "boobgate".

A woman is considering taking my gym, Movati Fitness, to the human rights commission because she says she was "body shamed" because staff members told her to cover up her large bosom which she proudly sported in a tank top.

Apparently, a lot of people complained about her outfit.

I bet it was in the women's side of the gym.

There was nothing remotely offensive about her outfit to me. That's because I have boobs like this:

Now, I don't wear tank tops to the gym, not ever. That's because I am ashamed of my boobs, and I always have been. So I wear sloppy extra-large t shirts, and the mams sort of sway back and forth because I don't wear a sports bra. I don't wear a sports bra, just a regular one, because I can't find one in my size, so this has me wondering if I might one day be taken off the floor because they aren't properly corralled.

If that happened, sisters, I would be mortified.

So I can just image what Jenna must have felt especially when hers are perfectly tucked into a sensible bra and tank. I've seen lots worse at that gym, especially when I'm on the rowing machine and have to look up an ass cradled in LuLu Lemon. I'm talking major butt floss.

Some of those outfits are so damned tight that I swear I can see their tonsils. Tights like these.

And I can tell you that there are many, many women including my friend Jennette's surgeon who wear gym wear that looks just like Jenna's. The only difference is that they have regular sized boobs.

I've also seen really, really offensive outfits on men that technically fit the dress code but do not fit into my own person code of fashion conduct. Lime green outfits, swaying junk in need of a cup, balls hanging out of the side of their shorts.

And I've heard complaints from many women who are offended by ethic swimming costumes worn by women in the pool.

People are all shapes and sizes, and they should be able to celebrate their uniqueness and their figure flaws and assets.

It is true that Movati is a private club but that doesn't give it the right to humiliate members so I hope Jenna wins her case. In any event, the chain has certainly got its share of bad publicity out of this mess.

Oh, and one more thing.

I noted in this Toronto Star article that, at the time I was reading it, it was sponsored by a pop up advertisement by Movati. (It's not always there; but you can see it if you refresh the page.)

Bravo Google Ads!


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