Ashley Simpson: What police found in the woods

Update: The remains found by polce were another girl. Thankful but it's disturbing for another family.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that the police have found human remains at a site in Salmon Arm. As you know, my cousin, Ashley Simpson, has been missing from that area for more than a month.

I remain forever hopeful that this is not the Gypsy Girl. But thought you'd all like to know...

This is a report from the Salmon Arm Observer.

The Salmon Arm RCMP and BC Coroners Services announced late Tuesday afternoon that they are investigating the discovery of human remains located by police.
The Salmon Arm RCMP were called to an area on 6th Street NE on May 20.
Investigators located what have been confirmed as partially decomposed human remains in an area between 6th Street NE and Lakeshore Drive. The remains were located down an unused steep footpath that is overgrown.
Police say the remains appear to be fairly recent.
“At this time the Salmon Arm RCMP is working with the BC Coroner’s service to identify those remains. The investigation and identification of the remains may take some time as investigators may have to rely on DNA analysis to conclusively identify the remains,” says RCMP Staff Sgt. Scott West.


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