Ashley Simpson: Metroland to support fundraising efforts

The Niagara media is rallying around the family of my cousin Ashley Simpson. Ashley disappeared April 28th from her home in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. News outlets are supporting a fundraiser for the Simpson family, while hoping to raise awareness about the epidemic of missing and murdered women in Canada.
Metroland Media, Canada's largest chain of community newspapers is leading the charge, and is joining forces with other local papers and radio stations to help in securing local business support for the fundraiser which will be held on July 30th at the Moose and Goose in Thorold. 
Ashley's disappearance has turned the spotlight on the disappearance of women and girls, particularly in British Columbia which has become infamous for the so-called "Highway of Tears" where many mostly indigenous women have gone missing. Ashley's disappearance reminds us that this is not just a problem for the indigenous community; it's an issue that concerns all Canadian men, women and children.
Just today, the RCMP in British Columbia posted a notice about another women, Madison Scott, who disappeared on May 27th five years ago from a campsite. There is still no sign of the 20-year-old. Our family joins hers in mourning this loss.

A public outcry about the plight of missing and murdered indigenous women has led the federal government to launch an inquiry. It is our family's profound hope that the inquiry explores violence against all women in this country.
Just this week, here in Ottawa, we learned the grisly details of the murder of Jagtar Gill who was stabbed to death by her husband and lover. They are currently on trial. There are many more examples of indignities against women: honor killings, mutilations, rape and forced prostitution.
Violence against women occurs in all communities, and to women of all colors.
If you want to learn more, please read this Fact Sheet that was produced by the Native Women's Association of Canada.  While it focuses on indigenous women, it also provides statistics on violence against other women.
Back to the fundraiser for our Ashley.
We are not helpless. We are strong, and there is much we can go if we join forces and expose what Ashley's father, John, calls Canada's "dirty little secret".
Please take the time to read this release, and ask anyone who owns a local business to help.

This is Ashley Simpson. Ashley has been missing since April 28, 2016. Ashley went to work out west for the winter and planned on coming home to Niagara this month to start her summer job with her dad.

Ashley’s family without hesitation left their jobs and loved ones behind to head across Canada to search for Ashley. While the funds started to diminish, the family had to make their way back home without Ashley. This was the hardest thing they have ever had to do.

Ashley is a beautiful and smart girl who had so much love to give and was loved by so many. Her story has hit every newspaper, radio station, and news channel across Canada. We have decided to help the family with a fundraiser on July 30th, 2016 at the Moose and Goose in Thorold to not only help the family with costs of living while they are not working and searching but to raise awareness to everyone about all the missing women in Canada.

The family had made it clear that they want to donate a portion of the funds raised to the “We Canada Walk for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Foundation,”, and the Search and rescue team in B.C that volunteered their services to help search for Ashley (SARS).  This case has been turned over to the homicide unit but we will never give up hope

I would like to take the time to thank you in advance for your consideration. Contributors like your business are what make this community special, especially in a case like this.

 Please help us find Ashley Simpson

Should you be willing to help in any way, it would be appreciated, please contact:

Candy Young at 905-688-9202 ext. 328 or 905-988-6277

In addition to this fundraiser, Ashley's cousin Lynzie Major has started a GoFundMe effort which has so far raised $4,000 for the family.


  1. Lee McKay White31 May 2016 at 07:57

    so sorry for your loss, I met Ashley up in Emsdale liked her right off the bat , a spunky little thing!! my prayers are with you and yours


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