Ashley Simpson is missing: What to tell the children

Today marks the one month anniversary of the last time anyone saw my cousin Ashley Simpson, who disappeared without a trace from her home in Salmon Arm, B.C.

"I can't help but cry," her sister Amanda wrote on Facebook. "I want you home so bad."

Amanda's having trouble talking to her young children, who miss their aunt terribly.

"Emma is starting to understand more now. She misses you so much, she keeps telling me that she will help Dad at Longhouse until you come home."

The Longhouse in Huntsville is where Ashley and her father John spent the last six summers working as caterers. This year, John will have to take the journey to the resort town on his own, and it's breaking his heart. He's thinking maybe about retiring because he can't bare the thought of being there without his wingman, Ashley.

"It makes me sad, mad and angry," says Amanda about her little girl's offer to help out in her aunt's place. "Yet I'm still happy that she's gonna take care of Dad.

"It's getting so much harder to keep the faith. It's hard. We would do anything to see your smile again. We miss you so much!"

If you would like to support the family, to ease their financial troubles while they get through this terrible ordeal, please consider contributing to this GoFundMe campaign.

Emma and her family thank you.

P.S. I heard this song the other day, and it reminded me of Ashley's family.


  1. john simpson (sindal)27 May 2016 at 07:38

    that's so nice thanks Rose but now cant stop the tears that song got me it,s lovely


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