Ashley Simpson: Fundraisers and Tip Lines

There is still no news regarding the whereabouts of my cousin, Ashley Simpson, who disappeared from her home in Salmon Arm, B.C., without a trace at the end of April.

As I stated in my previous blog, the RCMP is now considering this a homicide investigation. Their 14-person major crimes team is focusing on searching a 25 acre parcel of land that is adjacent to where she lived with her boyfriend. They have also conducted DNA testing on all persons of interest.

Still nothing.

Her father, John, posted this heartbreaking message on Facebook yesterday.

Another day goes by and there are no calls about our darling daughter, Ashley.  I guess that's the way it's going to go. It seems to be getting easier to go out and meet people. I might try some golf tomorrow -- at least a bucket of balls. Been holed up here in the house since I came back wishing and wondering if, and when, Ashley will return or when we will  hear some sort of word about her whereabouts. Getting a few visitors of late and that's sort of nice. A little at a time for all you
Ashley watchers out there. Sorry not much today, Hopefully more tomorrow. Stay safe, hug ur kids and spouses, say a prayer for our girl to stay safe and strong till we can find her. Peace and love all
Meanwhile, the family and friends of Ashley are not giving up. They have launched a website, which includes a tip line. Ashley's supporters have also offered a cash reward for any information that could lead investigators to her, or to whomever might have done her harm.

On July 30th, there will be a fundraiser for the family. Here is a message from Amanda Haveman about the fundraiser which will be held near St. Catharines.

Hello Everyone. Thanks for the awesome support you have shown Ashley's family in this time of need and difficulty.
As we all know, some of Ashley's family traveled to Salmon Arms B.C. from many different areas to look for our Gypsy Girl. They all took time off work, they all left behind their husbands, wives, kids, and friends to join the search for Ashley.
So with that being said, we would like to do a fundraiser to raise money to help recoup lost finances, to help the family with future expenses that might come up. Also with everyone being so supportive to the Simpson family they have asked that  part of the proceeds from the event go to a missing person foundation which will be an honour as we all know how important those foundation are.

Click here to get specific information.

If you don't live near the St. Catharines area, you can always donate to her GoFundMe page. Anything will help.

Peace, out.


  1. Oh dear... the Highway of Tears again? My prayers are with her and her family for closure. A homicide investigation suggests something has been found that moves it from missing to murdered.


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