Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ottawa Citizen purges staff, eats its own tail

This song is dedicated to the men and women at the Ottawa Citizen, many of whom are my former colleagues, bosses and partners in crime who lost their jobs to the Post-Media implosion.

RIP Daily Journalism in Ottawa

According to Warren Kinsella, the following people with packaged, some willingly, some against their will.

The Ottawa Citizen died yesterday.
Oh, sure, there are still some good people there to put it out, for however long.  But make no mistake: the marquee newspaper in our nation’s capital – the equivalent of our Washington Post – is dead.
Late yesterday, we got word that the following folks (and more) had taken a buyout, and/or were pushed out by the guild of vampires who are Postmedia:
  • Peter Robb: editor, arts, sports
  • Mark Kennedy: Parliamentary bureau chief, National Newspaper Award winner
  • Rob Bostelaar: longtime reporter and editor (and who edited my stuff, full disclosure)
  • Karen Turner: longtime reporter, editor
  • Glen McGregor: national affairs reporter, Michener Award winner
  • Anita Murray: homes editor
  • Robert Sibley: senior writer, author
  • Carl Neustadter: managing editor
  • Andrew Potter: editor in chief
  • Joanne Chianello: city affairs columnist
  • Peter Simpson: arts editor (and another one of my former editors)
  • Hugh Adami: columnist, longtime reporter
  • Chris Cobb: senior writer
  • Drew Gragg: deputy editor
  • Stephanie Murphy: editor
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