Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Canada's military: The Sultans of "Schwing"

In an interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge broadcast Tuesday afternoon, outgoing Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson said men are “biologically wired” for such behaviour.
A report this spring found that women in uniform endure hostile work environments due to an “underlying sexualize culture” that leads to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The 88-page report by former Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps, written after hundreds of interviews with active members, found that “there is a broadly held perception in the lower ranks that those in the chain of command either condone inappropriate sexual conduct, or are willing to turn a blind-eye to such incidents.”-- The National Post

Well, isn't that special!
The commanding officer of Canada's military -- outgoing, thank God! -- has just revealed the underying root cause of the biggest crisis to hit the armed forces in decades. Not enough bullets? Needing bigger airplanes? A lack of nutritious rations based on the Canada Food Guide?
Na uh.
It's the Schwing factor.
The boys in various shades of green and periwinkle blue are pinching bums, and raping and purple nurpling their colleagues, because they are "biologicially wired" to do so. Said another way, in the spirit of Rock of Ages, they are "hard, hard, hard wired" to commit sins of a sexual nature.
Well, he said it, then he retracted it.
Too bad, so sad.
Lawson's highly paid media coaches must have been shitting themselves.
Let's face it, Lawson was saying what everyone without a vagina in the military really thinks.
That tenting is not about pitching, that boobs are God's great gift.
In the words of Steve Miller,"I really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree!"
What do they give our military boys, in terms of training videos? Copies of Game of Thrones?
Lawson may be thinking this, but he has no business saying it.
I wasn't surprised, either, when I saw all the old retired limp dicked military boys posting on Facebook about it yesterday, as if Tom Lawson was General Patton.
"Atta boy, Tom!" "You got it, Pontiac."
Here's the truth.
Whether boys are "hard wired" to Schwing their chubbies in the general direction of their female, or male, colleagues is irrelevant. When I was in high school, every boy had a big notebook, but they weren't allow to whip out their dicks and do stuff with them.
That's because, in high school, there were rules, as there are in general society against sexual harassment and rape. People go to jail for it, people get fired for it.
The military has always had a rape culture, don't ask, don't tell.
The brass have been hard wired to ignore it.
That's the problem.


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