Friday, 13 February 2015

Justin Trudeau and Harper's sloppy seconds

As a woman, and as a sometime Liberal, Justin Trudeau has just stepped on my last nerve.
By embracing Stephen Harper's sloppy seconds, Eve Adams and Dimitri Soudas, and bringing them into the Liberal fold, he has created a party that is both undemocratic and a laughing stock.
Libs are well known for parachuting in tainted meat as a cynical means to an end. (Who can forget Jim Coutts?) It seems to be the inherent right of the leader to step on and over people who have worked hard to get a nomination. But this.
This is beyond anything I've ever seen before.
It's not like Eve Adams was a prized catch. She and her little henchman were turfed from the party they claimed to dearly love for electioneering regularities.
Plus, her Diva behavior, disrupting the lives of little people who just want a bit of gas cause her car wasn't clean enough, I mean...imagine what she would be like as a CABINET MINISTER!
Justin, I need a bigger car. Justin, I don't like my office. Justin, there is dog shit on my shoes, lick it off!
What exactly do Liberals get in this deal with the devil?
A little dirt on Stephen Harper?
If they want dirt on Stephen Harper, they might as well have invited Frank publisher Michael Bates in for a little talk about his election prospects.
This is not the kind of scenario I want to read about in the morning paper.
I want to believe that Justin Trudeau is focused on policy not Botox.
Besides, I've been around politics long enough to know not to trust a turncoat.
Even Bob Rae couldn't explain to Liberals, or the electorate, how he got to be a Liberal after screwing up Ontario as an NDP premier!
I want to believe that candidates actually believe in the policies they are flogging, that they have a philosophy that matches the party playbook.
Instead, we get Eve Adams who has been a Tory since she was 14 whipping her blue dress off and putting on a red sash. In other words, she seems to believe that a person can change their political stripes as quickly as they can get hair extensions.
Attention, Justin Trudeau. You better come up with a few better plays before the election or even Mike Duffy won't be able to save you.

Read the Bible. See what can happen when you get mixed up with the wrong, um, pair.


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