Monday, 16 February 2015

Family Day is the Stupidest Holiday Ever

Family Day is the stupidest holiday ever.
It only makes sense to skiers and provincial civil servants.
Teachers, maybe.
But for the rest of us, Dalton McGuinty's legacy is nothing more than a huge pain in the ass.
You can't buy groceries. I hate any time I can't buy groceries.
You can get your mail delivered, but you can't get your drink on.
The kids are off school, but you have to work.
It's a babysitter's dream; a parent not so much.
Those of us who work on Family Day can't get anything done. In my case, I work with doctors and their associations from across Canada. The doctors are at work, a lot of them, but the associations have the day off -- in Ontario.
I can't take the day off because the rest of Canada doesn't have the day off.
So it's a kind of damned if you do, kind of holiday.
Aside from the huge inconvenience, Family Day falls on one of the coldest days of the year.
That means it's too cold to take the kids anywhere other than to the movies or the mall. Ooops! Not the mall cause the stores are all closed.
So the parents who do take the day off have to listen to screaming rugrats and indoor fights or spring for a new video game for the PS4.
Family Day is expensive.
Sure, you can take them to the museums in Ottawa. Again, ca-ching.
Anyway, I don't have school aged kids, so I don't care about all that.
But I do care about my gym and it is full of little ankle-biters. The pool is full of peeing, pooping, farting little tykes, so I'm not going near it until next week.
That's why I'm here at my computer, talking to you, you who work for the federal government, you who run a daycare, you who have clients NOT in Ontario.
How's Family Day going for ya?
Passive-aggressive, that's what it is.
Thank you, former Premier McGuinty.
I will think of you today when I don't get my emails answered.


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