Sunday, 8 February 2015

Brian Williams: The Brother Glib

Let the eggs be cast.
It's bad enough that NBC anchor Brian Williams "misremembered" the fact that he wasn't riding in a helicopter that came under fire.  But he couldn't even manage a sincere apology to the people who were there.
I have questions, so many questions.
How is it even possible he was allowed to fib about his whereabouts for a decade, particularly considering the event took place with witnesses everywhere?
When he first told the story, didn't he think "hmm, maybe I'll be called out for bullshit?"
And as he continued to embellish, going from a passenger in the follow helicopter to the pilot, didn't he think "well, maybe that's stretching the nose a bit too far"?
Evidently, his hubris and delusion knows no bounds.
Clearly, Williams can no longer find the demarcation line between the truth and a lie which is an odd landmine on which to sit if you're trying to be the voice of reassurance and trust.
Maybe his head exploded, as he snuggled with his daughter watching her performance in Girls, the one in which she had a man licking her up the backside while she purred softly. I cannot even imagine the supportive conversation, but it might have gone something like this:
"Hey honey, that was tremendous, especially the way you arched your back so perfectly. I give you tens all round."
Williams has morphed into some kind of creature that is akin to a Muppet animatron, with that staccato deliver. Bam, bam, bam, bam, the kind they teach in broadcast school in America, the delivery that is void of any kind of sincerity or emotion.
You'll never see Williams emulate Walter Cronkite, who famously took off his glasses as he shed tears for President Kennedy. Williams has capped teeth, hair plugs and Lazik. Probably Botox and filler, too.
See for yourself. His face doesn't move.
Clearly, Brian Williams is the kind of guy who shoves another into harm's way if he messes with his closeup.
He is the cowardly lion without a heart, a man who is so deep up his own ass that he cannot empathize with the suffering of others, or put others first in his race to the finish line.
The real puzzler is his misremembering.
Part of the job description of a news anchor is to have a near perfect memory and an encyclopedia brain full of facts, figures and events that put everything in perspective.
So how can we trust a man who can't remember where he was when the bombs went off?
If he's having a senior's moment, then he needs to be put out to pasture.
If he's simply a blowhard, he needs to be fired.
It's probably too late to save his reputation.
Brian Williams has already had his Breaker Morant moment in the court marshal of public opinion.
If NBC doesn't get rid of his ass, it's time for us all to switch the channel.

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