Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jian Ghomeshi: King of Kink

What is happening to this staid old nation of ours? First we had the crack-smoking mayor, then Justin "The Egg Man" Bieber. Now we have the King of Kink.


Have you seen all the blogs about sweet little Jian Ghomeshi who got bitch slapped by CBC for his love of all things BDSM?

Oh my.

We thought he was just a creep. Now he's a creep with an attitude. He doesn't fight fair, according to the Toronto Star who interviewed four women who said he punched them and strangled them without their consent.

Is he guilty? Not according to him. He told Facebook lovers on Sunday that he's into the scene -- nothing wrong with that -- and this is just a silly prank put upon him by a jilted ex-lover. Then he went on to list all his perversions, like any of us want to know, kind of like a 4-1-1 in case some young ladies on The Facebook might want to, you know, look him up.

Got to hand it to Jian.

He never met a twisted opportunity he didn't like.

My view on this matter is perfectly clear. In matters involving assault and rape, the perp is guilty until proven innocent. I know the law says otherwise, but I don't care.

Statistically, people who come forward with these kind of allegations aren't doing it for fame or fortune, especially in Canada, where TMZ doesn't have rabbit ears. He's not that famous. In fact, I'd say most of Canadians -- the non-hipsters who take their kids to the hockey rink and never listen to CBC radio -- have never heard of him before we saw the story.

Well, we sure know him now. Way to up your influencer stats, Jiani.

Dude, clean up your act!

This is Canada. In spite of what the spinners are proclaiming, we do care what you do in your bedroom if you do it before getting a consent form signed.

Did he think he wouldn't get caught because he was the voice of Q?

Seriously, how stupid do you have to be if you're even a little bit famous to be in that scene in the first place? According to the Star, the only reason those girls even looked at The Little Gnome was because they'd heard his sexy little radio voice and wanted to engage in a little star fuckery.

And then they found out he was actually a sneaky little rat bastard who likes to clock girls as soon as they enter his Kingdom.

Did he think they wouldn't tell?

No matter. He is pond scum now.

Even his minions abandoned the little troll when confronted by the evidence, which he presented himself on Facebook.

Who the hell told him to do that? Navigator?

As my mother might say: Would you blow your head off by eating a firecracker if Navigator told you to do it?

Now he's suing the CBC. Good luck with that Jian.

Thanks to Stephen Harper, the CBC has no money.

Peter Mansbridge is lucky if his paycheque doesn't bounce.

Hmm...Maybe Jian can restart his singing career!


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  1. Always a fun angle Rosie. I heard about him about two years ago for the way he treated an EA who lasted all of 6 weeks or so. Called her in the middle of the night to get him bottled water while in a hotel with 24/7 room service. She quit. I haven't listened to him since. There were many other divo stories. He hates women or at the least disrespects them. Love to see the turnover rate of female assistants.