Friday, 31 October 2014

Jian Ghomeshi and his Angry Inch

It's now been a week since Jian Ghomeshi told his fans he was taking time away from CBC Radio, six days since the CBC said it was distancing itself from the great man, five days since the CBC fired him for his lifestyle choices, four days since the Toronto Star let loose a can of whoop ass on the host of Q, three days since the first woman put her name forward claiming he choked and hit her, two days since nine women came forward to say the same and worse.

The scandal started slowly enough but quickly resulted in a white squall of outrage from women -- and right-thinking men -- who took to social media to express their disgust that the CBC allowed Ghomeshi to walk their halls for even one day after a woman complained about him cupping her butt and promising to fuck her with his Angry Inch.

Boy, it must have been some week at the CBC, which is now so blown apart by this scandal that it's bringing in outsiders to talk to all the women who have been threatened, leched at, fondled and screamed at, and penetrated against their will by a man with an ego the size of the wall on which is portrait was allowed to hang, a portrait which was quickly taken down just in case it was vandalized by eggs and ketchup by the women who worked in the building.

Jian still has some supporters --Christie Blatchford, for one -- who decry the national and social media for unleashing accusations from anonymous women upon the Great Ghomeshi.

None of the women have filed charges, his supporters say. What about due process?

Fuck due process.

Where was the due process for all the women he caught in the glare of his fabulous headlights for more than ten years? They were all too afraid of his power, and have kept silent for a decade. What about the women we don't know about, and I'm guessing they are legion, spread as they are as far as book tours took him. 

Where's their due process?

It doesn't matter anyway.

Ghomeshi is toast. He'll never work in this country again unless he plans a career making pornos.

The fact is, the collective howl has done more to damage The Angry Inch than any court case. He'll never be invited to a swell party again, never hear his own voice on the radio, never be able to go to the LCBO without fingers being pointed in his direction.

They say a man is only as good as his name.

Ghomeshi was a name,, now he's only two letters: FU.

His name is gone, his poster has been ripped off the wall at CBC, and his celebrity has turned to notoriety; like a once juicy Porterhouse, he is now crawling with maggots.

Hopefully, the CBC -- and the nation -- has learned a lesson.

Perhaps his case can act as a cautionary tale.

When you meet a charming celebrity at a book signing, never let him take you to a second location.


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  1. Bang on! Sorry about the pun but I couldn't help myself. But seriously, he shouldn't have been able to hide this for so long. It's so sad that women still, to this day, don't feel they can find justice for sexual assault.