I'd rather be bossy than a bully

I have been called many names in my longish life.
One evening out, whilst working in politics, one asshole journalist accused me and my friend of being part of the "cunt club". I've also been called, let's see: a crazy bitch, an idiot, a gossip, a slut, oh yes and ROSIE TITS. That was the name given me by an uppity photographer at the first newspaper where I worked.
That's the name I liked the best.
I grew up a very sensitive kid, the kind who went to church, believed in God and would not utter one single swear word. That changed, of course, in high school, but I don't believe I ever said "fuck" in front of my mother.
High school was where I met up, virtually speaking, with the sage of all swear words, the late, great George Carlin, a man who reveled in saying the Seven Words You Can't Say on Television.
You know what they are. I've just mentioned a couple in the paragraphs above, and I know a few bad words George hadn't thought up yet.
George Carlin changed the way we think about words.
Out of George's mouth, words became mere descriptors, not weapons.
Which leads me to this current discussion about the word "bossy".
The over-educated, entitled Sheryl Sandberg, the head scaremonger and tastemaker at Facebook, is at it again, suggesting that the word "bossy" should be banned because little girls who are called "bossy" stop achieving and start wearing eyeliner.
I say to Sheryl Sandberg with all due respect, if a girl is being called "bossy" that's the least of her problems. I'm with Tina Fey. I love being called "bossy".
So does my daughter, Marissa who is not just "bossy" but also scary smart, ambitious and not afraid to show her cleavage when it suits her.
Marissa is way bossier than me.
I hope I helped make her that way.
Bossy gets you places.
Being called "bossy" to me means you are the most intelligent person in the room, the one who will not suffer fools, the one who will take out the opposition. Bossy smells like money to me.
I think we should encourage "bossy," and give an atta girl to anybody -- boy or girl or sexually confused -- who simply gives enough of a shit to push forward and get the job done.
There are far worse things than being called "bossy". There are far worse people than girls who are labeled Bossypants.
And let's face it.
Wouldn't you rather be labeled bossy than bully?



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