Canada AM headlines for Friday 13th

Good morning and welcome to Canada AM. There's a lot going on in news today so let's get started.

On the business file, it was discovered that the head of LuLulemon Athletic didn't look right in his yoga pants, so they cut off his penis.

In Canadian politics today, it was announced that the Senate of Canada would be shut down due to attrition. Conservative members are dropping like flies from the Mike Duffy flu.

The Nelson Mandela memorial was rocked by drug scandal this week. First they found out that the interpreter had forgotten to take his medication for schizophrenia and nobody told him Mandela wasn't dead. Then, it was revealed that Barack Obama and David Cameron had been slipped Viagra by the Danish Prime Minister. Joking with the media later, Obama quipped he was simply glad his wife Michelle didn't have diamonds on the souls of her shoes at the time.

In Toronto, Rob Ford has been served a libel notice by the Toronto Star for a not-so -veiled attempt to label one of its reporters a pedophile. Rob Ford's defense was that he was tripping on acid and mistook Daniel Dale for his college football coach. Meanwhile, Conrad Black claimed that getting the facts right wasn't his job and blamed his fact checker, Ezra Levant.

And finally, Pope Francis has just been named Time's Man of the Year. He has subsequently sworn off dresses and is opting to wear comfortable pant suits instead. Hilary Clinton has been named his fashion advisor.



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