Rob Ford: Play it where it lays

I find it hilarious to see everybody running around like headless chickens, wringing their hands about what will be the fate of poor Rob Ford, the alcoholic and sometimes drug addict.

Everybody seems to have an opinion on alcoholism, particularly people who aren't alcoholics.

He should go to rehab. He needs an intervention. Somebody do something.

But anybody who has an addiction to alcohol knows that only Rob can stop this insane behavior.

Trouble is, he doesn't want to quit. He's nowhere near the bottom. So what if he loses his job? He's got lots of money. So what if every comic in the universe is making fun of him? He has his terrific family to enable him.

His mum can't stop it? No, but she could slow him down. Turn off the money tap.

His wife can't stop him? Throw his sorry ass out.

The police can't stop him? Wait down the street until he gets in his car and take his sorry ass to jail.

There are many people who can actually help Rob Ford. But they won't.

And let's face it, until he has nothing left -- and he's currently living in a bottomless pit -- he won't stop.

The sad thing is that rehab doesn't work for guys like Rob Ford, a man who lacks any insight into his life and behavior. He is, at this point, a hopeless drunk.

So take away his car keys and let him have at it.

Dr. Drew is right. Rob Ford's addiction is at the end stage. He's blacking out. He's going on rampages. He is a danger to himself and those around him.

He will be stopped eventually. That is a certainty.

His heart will explode. He might stroke out.

Or he might simply fall down the stairs and hit his head. This won't necessarily stop him. The father of one of my kids' friends fell down an entire flight of stairs whilst blotto and he lost half his brain in the process. But that hasn't stopped him from running around the town trying to score beer.

People at end stage will literally sit in their own shit with beer cases around them and there is nothing anybody can do.

Perhaps the best thing that can happen is for the cops to lock him up for his involvement in guns, gangs, extortion, maybe even murder. Even then, Rob has lots of money and he'd probably be highly popular in prison so he could score various amounts of booze or coke. But prison might be the best place for him.

Right now, he has three options. Prison. Hospital. The morgue.

It's unfortunate this all has to be played out in public.

But he's not exceptional. He's a kid who grew up with the addiction gene, fat with too much money and bad friends.

Why has it taken so long for people to notice?

He's been doing this a long time. He's been good at it.

But with all professional drinkers, there is one certainty. They can't do it for ever.

Something eventually gives.

He should have gotten help long ago.

But it's probably too late for that.

He might as well play it where it lays.



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