Rob Ford Meet Chris Powell

If you were Rob Ford, a person considering treatment for binge drinking, wouldn't you be a little frightened right now? For months, the poor fellar has been hounded by a thousand cameras and that Katie Simpson who talks over everybody. He can't even get his drycleaning done.

Rob Ford has become the most famous drunkard in the world, more famous than Hemingway or Ronnie Wood. More famous than Charlie Sheen or Justin Bieber.

Winning, he's not.

So how does a guy like Robbie, as his sister Kathy calls him, get treatment? Well, he certainly can't go to AA. There's nothing anonymous about Robbie Ford.

He could lock himself away in a treatment facility somewhere, but that hasn't exactly worked for a lot of people. The success rate for in-house treatment or any treatment for that matter is less than 10 percent. So why spend upward of $100K on something that's probably not going to work?

Even Rob Ford's mom says rehab is not for her little guy. What he needs to do is to lose weight.

Now you may say that's ridiculous, but I'm not sure about that. Part of the issue with guys like Rob Ford, who's been fat all his life, is that he suffers from low self-esteem. That's why he puffs himself up like a peacock. That's why he comes across as such a tough guy. That's why he abuses substances.

That's why being Mayor of Toronto is so important to him. It's all he has in his sad little life -- other than money, of course, which is another problem for him. Low lifes surround him like bees at a hiving. They prop him up. They make him feel less like the guy who can't see his shoes when he has a wiz.

Rob Ford -- and folks this is obvious -- is also severely ADHD. The guy can't sit still. He needs stimulation.

The question that needs asking is this. What is important to Rob Ford other than being Mayor? The answer is football. Rob Ford adores football but he's too fat to play. He's too lardy to throw a football around with his kid.

If someone could train him, get his weigh down, help deal with his feelings of self-loathing, they might actually save the guy's life. So here's what I'm thinking.

Bring in Chris Powell.

If you don't know Chris Powell, you should look him up. Chris Powell is a God to severely obese people. He has saved hundreds of them. Chris has a show called Extreme Weight Loss, which is on NBC every summer. He picks a candidate and moves in with them. He motivates them to lose weight and change their lives.

I bet spending a year with Chris Powell would help Rob Ford save his life. And being on television, showing people that it is possible to turn his life around, would give Rob Ford a reason to stop his ridiculous behavior. People would love him, even people who hate him now.

Dr. Phil has always said that the only way to beat an addiction is to replace it with another addiction. For a lot of people, that addiction is exercise -- especially people who are ADHD. Once Robbie loses the weight, he'll feel better about himself. He'll be the Mayor he's always wanted to be.

And he can play football again. How cool is that?

Check it out.



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