Rob Ford: I prefer to dine at home


Rob Ford's wife Renata must really love the old coot.
Why else would she show up after Ford bragged about not needing to eat a staffer's pussy since he gets plenty of sushi at home?
Renata actually stood by her man after this admission, oh yes, and the admission that he likes to get behind the wheel while shitfaced.
She's more than The Good Wife. She's The Great Wife.
At least as far as Sideshow Rob is concerned.
This is all a show of course.
I'd bet good money that Ford's not even getting a hand job at home.
And after today, I'm with the bookies who say he will be sleeping on the couch.
She might be sticking up for him publicly but I'm betting the fine dining is over for good.
What's the appeal in staying married to a guy who makes Tony Soprano seem like Billy Graham?
It's certainly not his good looks.
Or his Jackass sense of humor.
It must be the money.
She's probably counting on spending it all once he's locked up or dead.
I'm betting Rob has a pretty good insurance policy in addition to the millions his dad left him to spend on hookers, blow and vodka.
And while I'm on the subject of the Ford family, I'm still gobsmacked about Robbie's offer to pay for drug testing for councillors. He's delusional. He wouldn't pass it.
Not unless brother Doug swapped the pee.
Maybe he could smuggle Renata's pee into the fray.
This kind of loyalty really makes me weep.
With laughter.


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