My daughter's wedding day. Let's Crowdfund it!

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Okay, so here's the thing.
My lovely daughter Marissa is getting married and I can't pay for the wedding.
She and Jeff are doing their best to put the funds together. They're moving the venue to the Dominican Republic to save money. And they'll pull it off.
Of course they will.
I didn't raise Marissa to give up on her dreams.
But I'd love to help her along the way.
I'd like to keep the wedding here in Ottawa and let them have a stress free honeymoon.
And, let's face it, I'm not looking forward to the Twinrix vaccine.
But I'm broke.
I'm unemployed.
And I'm seriously stressed.
In my effort to be a nosey, buttinski, I am developing a web series called Monster of the Bride. We're going to beg, borrow and steal -- well not steal -- to raise the money to give my daughter the perfect day.
I've already got sponsors -- a wedding planner, hairstylist and a skin care centre -- and I'm looking for more.
Maybe a hotel will donate the bridal suite. Maybe somebody will donate the wedding cake.
I'll take whatever I can get.
You know me.
Look, I realize that's a pretty tall order, so I'm trying to crowd fund the wedding.
So here is where you come in.
You, loyal bleader, could offer up a loonie or a toonie to my GoFundMe campaign.
Heck, I only need 20,000 people to donate a buck to my campaign and we'll have a nice, tidy little wedding, nothing too exotic.
Can you help?
I'll give you a free t-shirt with a photo of a pug on it.
Heck, for 50 bucks I'll give you a free video!
Let's do this together.
It'll be fun.

Here's the link:


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