Mayor Rob Ford: FUBAR's Great White Hope

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been taking a lot of unfair flak of late from the elites who believe their own piles of feces don't smell.

As Mayoral Bro Doug points out, there are a lot of stinkers on Toronto City Council who drink and drive, hire prostitutes, snort blow and consort with criminals. At least, Doug would say, Robbie's honest about it.

I'm in Doug's court. I believe Mayor Ford has been good for Toronto and good for politics.

That's because he's the ultimate populist, a man of the people, who works hard and parties even harder. Who cares if he takes out a hit on his sister's old boyfriend? Who minds if he gets hammered on the weekends? Who doesn't?

Rob Ford has become an inspiration in politics. By lowering the bar, Rob Ford has made it possible for every living, breathing, hosehead and headbanger to have dreams of a political future.

Hey, it beats Fort McMurray in ninety below.

Politics isn't for the snoots anymore, the ones who call taxis after a night at the opera. It's for the average man, the guy who still drinks quarts of Labatt 50 in the tavern and doesn't think twice about driving his buddies home and having a lap dance on the way out the door.

Rob Ford is a man among men. He eats red meat four times a week. He buys his rolling papers at the local convenience store. He challenges the ladies to a boxing match.

I predict Rob Ford will change the political landscape. In coming elections, he will inspire Joe Average to greatness.

He is not a danger to the city, as many infer. He is an inspiration to everyone who's ever done the limbo on the lowest rung.

Rob Ford, the losers of the world salute you.

You have given them hope. You are FUBAR's Great White Hope.



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