Justin Trudeau is our Sarah Palin


Watching Justin Trudeau's performance over the past few weeks, I kept thinking that he reminded me of somebody.

After watching Question Period this morning, it came to me.

Justin Trudeau is our Sarah Palin.

How else to explain his weird answer at a babe's night out this week about what country he most admires.

After he made this gaffe, his handlers must have gone ape shit.

Maybe he knows where China is, surely dad took him on a visit there as a wee tot.

But surely, he knows something about China -- that great defender of human rights and master of environmental stewardship? Dude, these people grow food in their own waste! It's the home of bird flu!

So far, we only see Justin when he's scripted. Quite obviously, his eggheads know that he can't be trusted to talk about the issues. He's already been caught telling fellow Canadians that Quebeckers are better than the rest of us. (The Tories reminded us of this with a clip of Justin in one of their attack ads.)

And his image isn't being helped by his new ad on television in which he promises to fight for the average Canadians and not just reward his friends. Platitudes, platitudes. Where's the beef?

I like him. Don't get me wrong. He seems like a decent enough fellow, charismatic, charming, nice family. But I fear he might be more Sinclair than Trudeau.

Look, I don't give a rat's ass if Justin goes to a babe's night out. But he could at least have been prepared for a soft ball question on foreign affairs. He sounded like the moron in the back of the history class who was caught sleeping during a lesson.

And he's a former teacher!

I feel for the Liberals. Tom Mulcair and Stephen Harper are eating him for breakfast.


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