The Invention of the Speech from the Throne


Okay, Laureen, put the bills on the table. Why is the damned cable bill so high? Are you renting movies again?

There's nothing else to do in this effing place after I find the cats and feed them.

You know we're going have to economize. We can't live rent free forever, and the Rogers bill is killing us. And what about these roaming charges? How did you manage to spent thousands of dollars on roaming charges?

Hello! We travel a lot, Steve. I need to keep in touch with my peeps who are planning the Fur Ball.

Still, Laureen. We can't afford all these charges. The cable bill is out of control and you don't watch half these channels anyways. And we have to pay extra for Sun News!

Well, you are Prime Minister, Steve. Maybe you can do something about it. You know, throw a bone to the shut-ins and hipsters.

Okay, now let's talk about how much you spend on ringtones.



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