Nigel Wright: What happens in Vegas


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It's hard to believe, but I've started taping both Power Play on CTV and Power and Politics on CBC. Like many Canadians, I simply cannot get enough of The Three Amigos.
It's a car wreck. Who can look away?
What will that little nugget Mike Duffy reveal today? That Stephen Harper has an evil twin who was present at all the meetings while the Real Stephen Harper was busy schtupping his executive assistant in the Oval Bathroom? What documents can be found buried in the bouffant de Pamela Wallin? Will Brazeau leave the upper chamber for a career as a Calvin Klein underwear model?
Yesterday's performance in the House of Commons was a pure wild west showdown between Crime Minister Hairpiece and The Professor while Mary Anne looked on in the background. How old is that MP behind Hairpiece anyway? Should she be carded before she is allowed in the H of C?
Aside from the cancelled cheques and emails, where the heck is the villain of the piece, Nigel Wright? He seems to have disappeared into thin air. Why is nobody looking for him?
I mean, Bin Laden was easier to find than the Crime Minister's chief henchman.
We all want to know the truth.  Did Nigel quit or was he dismissed?
Greg Weston has an inside source. He told Solomon last night that Nigel got out of town before the PM could fire him. He left a note and then took off to celebrate his 50th birthday in Vegas.
Apparently, he hasn't been seen since.
Obviously, he didn't want to get shit on his shoes.
So if you're at a blackjack table or eating at Gordon Ramsay and you see a youthful looking 50-year-old with skid marks on his brow, perhaps you could remind him that he needs to get back and mop up his mess.
Or just ask him: was he pushed or did he jump?
Did he give Mike Duffy a payday loan or was he simply laundering the money of hardworking Albertans for the Conservative Party?
Canadians want to know.
We don't know who to believe right now.
But before you confront him, make sure you have your Keds on.
He's fleet of foot, according to Danielle Himamdjian.


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