Happy Hallowe'en Ottawa: Keep it classy

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net (satit_sirihin)

It's Hallowe'en in the Nation's Capital.
I see all of your elected and non-elected representatives have already got their costumes out. That creepy castle on the Hill is chocked full of ghosts, goblins and monsters.
The Prime Minister is going as a zombie. He's been practising his moves all week, a little hunched over, sliding from side to side, buttoning his coat by rote, murmuring the same few words: "Mr. Speaker, I have been clear." And the makeup! It almost looks like his eyes are bleeding for real.
And Thomas Mulcair, Thomas Mulcair has chosen Atticus Finch for his character, getting all courtroomy, dramatic and droll.
Too bad Justin Trudeau forgot his costume. Oh wait, it's James Franco!
There are a few Snookies and J-Wows in the Commons, too. Plaids, skirts far too short, hair all teased into rat's nests. Sometimes I think MPs with ladyparts are stuck in the Sixties.
Down the hall in the Senate, clearly the Dead have risen but they're none too happy about working more than a four day work week.
Sure, they have benefits, but what about overtime?
It's a good thing there are no cameras in the Senate, lest they capture all the limbs laying about on the floor along with the false teeth and hairpieces.
Duffy is going as the marshmallow character from Ghostbusters, the one who stomps all over New York City.
Munson is the little fellar from the Game of Thrones. Only Bob Fife knows how well he plays the game.
And there's Brazeau as Marky Mark complete in the tidy whities, obviously showing his best assets, the ones that might get him a little time in the Gatineau houz-gow. On his right, there's Pam Wallin looking more and more like the mom of a pageant princess. Honey Boos' entire family could live in her hair.
What a scary bunch.
I wouldn't take any candy from any of them that's for sure.
You never know where it's been or who paid for it.
Happy Hallowe'en everyone.
Keep it classy.


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