Tuesday, 3 September 2013

We're not Kitchen Aid: We're Whirlpool

I suppose it's a lesson in modern consumerism.
Let's recap.
Our $2,200 KitchenAid refrigerator died on us on the weekend after only seven years.
The repair guy, who was nice enough to come by yesterday, said there was nothing we could do. The compressor was kaput. So after spending a few hours crying, we called the junk guy who was scheduled to come to our house this morning.
Scott wrestled the beast out of the house yesterday where it sat in a monsoon.
And Nick wrecked his back helping out.
Then we resurrected an old fridge in the garage to get us through our fridge crisis until we could afford a new one.
Meanwhile, I wrote a blog, as I always do when something comes crashing down in my life.
One of my Facebook friends reposted my blog on the KitchenAid Facebook site and someone from social media contacted me saying someone from KitchenAid would be in touch today.
Which they were.
A woman named Theresa called Scott, saying she was from Whirlpool, and Scott called back only to be put on hold for thirty minutes. She said he needed to contact Whirlpool U.S.A.
He called. There was no answer, or answering machine.
So now we know that KitchenAid doesn't actually make any products.
It just slaps its name on a fridge to make you think it's better than a Whirlpool.
Probably it also means it charges more for it than Whirlpool, the company that doesn't answer its international telephone line.
So our hopes seem to be dashed even though I looked up our warranty and it says that the compressor is covered. But the fridge repair guy says don't bother.
Even if they replace the compressor, the fridge will never work properly again.
And it will still cost us a thousand bucks.
Might as well get a new fridge at the Brick and get a cheap one without a fancy name on it.
What a rip.
So I'm sitting here looking at an old fridge that is giving me tinnitus listening to it.
My food in the freezer is sitting in a box that is warmer than the air conditioning.
Food poisoning is a certainty.
I've got the junk guy on speed dial and will never buy KitchenAid again.
(I currently own an entire fleet of KitchenAid!!!)
I have news for Whirlpool which doesn't answer their phone.
Hope their marketing guys read this blog.
My observation?
KitchenAid that doesn't make its own products has a great social media person. I would give him/her an A.
Whirlpool has a lousy and useless telemarking team.
I would give them an F and the F stands for Feckless not Fridge.

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