On Any Given Day

On any given day, I am blessed by the gifts I have received.
A wonderful husband who came to me mid-life
Who rubs my feet and cools my temper.
Three children who teach me hip hop and video games
And the possibility of love.
A grandchild who schools me on the potential of popsicles and honeydew.
An old dog who teeters on his wobbly feet but never gives up.
One puppy who reaches for the tree tops.
Another who chases her tail and meets my gaze with disturbingly baleful eyes.

Looking out the window on the street below
I watch the people.
Texting, eating, smoking, reading
Too busy to smell the autumn air.
Lousy with caffeine and cigarettes and Smartphone induced brain coma
To use their senses, not their hands to breathe and look and feel.

My life is small but my heart is big.
I'm blessed with the ability to discover.
Remember. Believe.
There is no app for that.



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