Friday, 6 September 2013

It's time to take back the kitchen

With the KitchenAid fridge gone to the dumpster, we've had to be creative with our food supply. The loaner fridge we have now sucks the big one. The ice box works but the rest of it doesn't even cool food to the temperature of the air conditioning.

We have to wait to get a new one until we get paid for a video job, and that could take two weeks. In the meantime, we've resorted to storing our food in coolers, literally camping out in our kitchen.

This has mixed results.

I'm having to shop differently for example. No more trips to Costco for the great deals on meat. I'm now shopping like the French, marketing I think they call it. Buying food for a day or so and resisting purchasing anything that won't last until the weekend.

The being who is happiest about this situation is Sophie the pug who now has numerous new methods to get onto the stove and the counters. She is a virtual Cirque de Soleil acrobat who is capable of leaping from box to box, then on to the table and then on to the stove.

Sometimes she lands on her head, but she is relentless.

I'm finding pug hair everywhere.

We have to be very careful leaving the house to make sure all chairs, coolers and step stools are moved eight feet away from food surfaces. She can even climb onto the counter by using open drawers.

Finnigan, on the other hand just puts his big stupid head on the counter if he wants a snack.

As a result, he has made me a much better housekeeper.

Can't wait until this nightmare is over.

It's time to take back the kitchen.

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