Good boy, Finnigan!

The Red Ball is a hit at our house.
Thank you, Kong. Thank you so much.
I've been trying to curb Finnigan's bad behavior. The barking. The menacing. The jumping.
Nothing worked.
Until the Red Ball.
Finnigan is now obsessed. He sits at the bottom of the stairs waiting for it.
He lays on the ground rolling it over in his gob.
He won't even bark anymore lest he lose control of the Red Ball.
Instead of a high pitched woof, his bark is like someone stuff his mouth with something.
Which in effect, I did.
What's best about the Red Ball is that he likes to play fetch with me.
He brings it to me -- but only after he's smeared it with dirt, drool and foam.
Good boy, Finnigan. I'm going to need new chairs.


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