Monday, 19 August 2013

The Third Act

In my third act, I will live in a state of grace, unshackled by the shame, insecurity and demons that have plagued me in the first two acts.
I will reach higher, move faster and embrace all that is good in my life.
And there is plenty good already. I must remind myself of that.
In the third act, no animals or people will be harmed.
I will live only on ideas.
And tea and oranges that come all the way from China.
I will reduce the chatter.
I will change the channel.
In the third act, I will heal the wounds I can, put salve on them and soothe them.
There will be no tsunamis.
Just still water.
There will be no room for naysayers and detractors, the people who have made me feel small.
Sorry is not a word for the third act.
No regrets, just possibilities.
I will surround myself with people who have love in their hearts and I will encourage others to join me on this path.
The mistakes of the past will finally be put in tiny boxes marked "history" and set on a dusty shelf somewhere on the tenth row, in a place where they can no longer hurt me, where other people cannot get to them and use them against me.
Move on, I will say. I have examined my mistakes and learned from them, taken away the lessons the maker offered me. My mistakes will no longer frighten me.
Fear is no longer in my vocabulary.
Faith is the only thing that matters.
When asked about the boxes, I will simply say they've been sent to the recycle. I have no use for them.
I will not make up new boxes to trap me.
The attic is full.
I will remember, and love, the people who have been my community.
I will forgive the ones who hurt me.
I will embrace the ones who are here to give me support.
And guidance.
And wisdom.
For they are the only people who will matter in the third act.
The ones who bring a smile to my face and a feeling of warmth to my heart.
There will be no more negativity in the third act.
No more jealousy. No more darkness.
Only love and hope and light.
And children and dogs.

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