Friday, 23 August 2013

Power Outage in Ottawa! The horror!

Well, that's an hour I'll never get back.
The power went out this morning and there were rumors that we would be without electricity all day and into the early hours of Saturday.
Of course, those were the rumors.
The power actually was only out for 60 minutes.
But it had Nick panicking in the basement. "What am I supposed to do with her?" he asked pointing to the baby Skylar.
"How about taking her to the park?"
A little scream of delight was heard from knee level. Nick rolled his eyes. Skylar stomped on his barefoot with her galoshes.
Strange she was wearing rainboots given the fact there isn't a cloud in the sky today.
That's what I love about her.
She's always prepared.
Meanwhile, our tenant Bill, had taken his lizard outside for some sunshine. He appeared unconcerned.
I admit, even I was slightly unnerved. I was quoting on a video project this morning and had no email. Even my damned "smartphone" was on the blink.
I called Scott and told him to alert the client that there would be no business at Hannabelle Media today. Scott reminded me that our client was in the same power grid.
Chill, Rose, for Christ's sake.
Mostly we're panicking because a year ago we had a power outage for two entire days.
Urban Canadians are not prepared for this. Imagine if something really bad happened.
Like the backup power at the casino failing.
A power outage for us lameo city dwellers is akin to a cultural tsunami.
It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from, like a three day holiday weekend, but worse.
There's no way to prepare.
We've all been warned to follow emergency recommendations but we never do.
There's no bottled water because you worry about the existence of biphenols. Or you switched to the Brita filter on your tap to save money.
There's no canned food because you've suddenly decided to become a vegan.
Sure, you have a flashlight but you used up all the double As in the remote. You forgot to buy snacks. And milk.
Add to that horrifying scenario, there will be no coffee to be had even at Starbucks.
The beer store is closed.
The grocery store has already dumped its meat.
There is chaos at the Canadian Tire. Chaos, I'm telling you chaos.
It's a Stephen King novella except the only aliens are visiting from Lebanon.
I do not worry, for I am a country girl.
Power outages were a rite of passage in the country. You got to stay up late and go fishing.
And run around with candles while the adults played cards and drank.
Like my granddaughter, I am always well prepared.
I am well stocked.
I have cases of home brew in the backroom.
I have a steak thawing in the freezer.
We have a propane barbecue.
And a backyard with candles.
When you grow up in the country, you come to understand what a power outage really is --
an excellent excuse for a party.

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