Saturday, 10 August 2013

Oh Oprah, get over yourself

Photo: Stuart Miles,

I can't believe this story made all the papers.
Apparently, Oprah Winfrey that defender of all things "soul" on Sundays, is crying foul over a tiff she had in Switzerland over a $35,000 handbag. According to Oprah, the shop girl thought it would hurt Oprah's feelings to bring out the bag because she looked like she couldn't afford it.
Poooor, Opie.
Smited by the Swiss.
Everyone should know that the Swiss are snobs. That girl wouldn't show me the $35,000 handbag. The French Swiss hate everyone, especially Germans and English people and the German Swiss hate everybody and life in general.
Oprah shouldn't have taken the slight so personally.
It wasn't because Oprah was black. It was because she was poorly dressed as she always is. Usually, Opie can be seen running about in pajamas and neon colored sweats with her hair in a jerrycurl when she isn't all tarted up for her shows.
Have you seen her in the reality series?
The shop girl would have taken one look at her in her cameltoe, too tight stretchies and kicked her fat ass out the door.
It has nothing to do with race, darling.
It has to do with style.
Oprah should get over herself.
Maybe she can afford that handbag.
The shopgirl knew it wouldn't match anything Oprah bought at Target.

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