Friday, 23 August 2013

Confesson: I smoked pot at 24 Sussex

Welcome to Rosalita's Friday confessional.
So here it is.
I smoked pot at 24 Sussex Drive back in the 80s.
I smoked it all the time along with a bunch of my friends from the Hill after our weekly softball game -- right under the noses of the Prime Minister's crack security detail. They didn't seem to care.
I know we weren't the first to smoke a doobie there.
Justin Trudeau's mom always had a pretty good stash. Most Canadians knew that about Margaret. It made her cool.
Probably took the edge off.
Who could blame her? How could anybody live with Pierre Trudeau and stay sober?
Why does nobody remember that?
For most of my time on Parliament Hill, I knew people -- MPs, their staff members -- who smoked pot in their offices all the time. Especially the NDP. (Simon de Jong, God Bless 'em, was an avid toker.) Journalists smoked pot on Parliament Hill, too. Ask Hubie Bach.
They also drank and fornicated on the Hill, in offices, behind the Centre Block and at the press club. Nobody gave a shit.
So why are people giving a shit now that Justin has admitted that he took a puff?
A puff. Big fuckin' deal.
He's not a crackhead like some politicians we know.
People are saying, no man, Justin is breaking the law.
The law should be broken. It's stupid.
You don't see a lot of gangs of pot smokers roaming the streets threatening people. Those hoodlums are either drunk or high on chemicals.
Pot smokers stay at home playing video games and eating Cheesies.
What kind of role model is Justin? they ask.
A pretty cool guy, I would say.
He probably has sex, too.
And not in the missionary position.
It's not like Justin is a pot head.
He's a dad married to a granola-eating yogini.
He's buff and health conscious. Not like the twelve Coke a day prime minister who runs this country. Have you seen him lately? He looks like his eyes are bleeding into his jowls.
Or the leader of the opposition. He looks like he eats too many Yoohoos.
Politicians are two-faced assholes. Nearly every MP gets shitfaced at least once a week.
A few years back, I saw one MP passed out in the bushes.
Another guy with a pretty big job was caught by the commissionaires wandering the halls of the Centre Block with a hand towel covering his weinie.
This country needs to get a grip.
Politicians need to concentrate on what really matters in this country.
Like finding me a fucking job.
Decriminalize the stuff.
And shut up about it.

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