Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nigel Wright: To sir, with love

Dear Nige. Can I call you Nige?

Whew that was a close one!
Thanks for the cheque. I had to go to Money Mart to get it cleared.
I'm taking the cash down to the Royal Bank this afternoon.
Don't want a paper trail, Wright? Wink, wink.
Boy we sure pulled a fast one on those damned auditors. Now, there's no way they'll be able to pin the rap on yours truly. Paid in full, thanks to you!
Mums the world, old boy. Bob Fife would have to waterboard me before I spill the beans.
Is waterboarding legal in Canada?
So glad you didn't spread around the largesse. That Pam, she's so irresponsible.
Females! Probably spent all her money on pedicures.
Oh, BTW, was wondering if you could spot me a few hundred bucks this afternoon.
I'm a little light.
Those cruises are a bitch.
They say they're all inclusive, but you really have to read the fine print.
They claimed my  "inclusiveness" was cleaning them out.
What can I say?
I am an empty tank that cannot be filled up.

Catch ya later, the ole Duff.

p.s. A brown envelope would do nicely. Give it to Diane.
She'd take a bullet for the Ole Duff.

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