Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Day, Canada!

There is no place I'd rather be on Canada Day than in Ottawa.
(Well, perhaps the Canadian Embassy in Washington. It would be wild to see all the foreign service officers picketing instead of slurping free Canadian sparkling wine.)
Canada Day in Ottawa is a great leveler. Everyone -- including po' folks -- can participate.
One of the greatest pleasures is watching the Noon Time show. I've always wondered where they managed to dredge up weirdo acts.  I often feel like I'm in an entirely different country.
It seems Avril and Chad aren't available this year, being that they're getting their knots tied for the umpteenth time. Oh, well, this year we have Chris Hadfield on BOTH the afternoon and night time show. I'm sure he's doing it for free.
Regardless, he is awesome.
Thank goodness we don't have any Royals this year. Crime Minister Hairpiece and his lot get all giddy when they have a Queen or a Prince or a Duke around. And they pick even worse acts.
I've just tuned into the Canada Noon show on CBC. I never go to Parliament Hill anymore. Don't like the crowds. Besides, I can see the Snow Birds fly past my backyard!
I can't believe it, but the CBC drones are talking about nothing but Mark Carney who's taking over as Governor of the Bank of England. Who gives a shit?
Why should we care so much about Mark Carney? You don't see CBC talking about the new Governor of the Bank of Canada, who ever the hell that is.
Canada Day is not the time to talk about some bureaucrat who doesn't even live here anymore.
Anyways, my friend Renee Moreau -- whom I met in high school -- will be part of the French chorus for Hadfield's performance. Can't wait!

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