Friday, 28 June 2013

RCMP Musical Ride, Virtually Speaking

"There are all kinds of pictures of the RCMP Musical Ride. Just use one of them and just say you went there." -- my husband Scott

Look, if this blog is to work, I have to be perfectly honest.
I was going to the RCMP Musical Ride tonight as one of my first Rose Experience Blogs. But I'm not going to. It's going to rain and I don't sit in the rain.
For anybody. So here's the link
Knock yourself out.
I don't mind walking in the rain. I'll walk the dogs in the rain. I'll walk to something, but I'm not, not, not going to sit in the mud and watch the Musical Ride, much as I'd like to.
It's not how I roll.
I feel the same way about festivals or any other event that says "rain or shine".
I'm a shine-only type of girl.
Scott and I did a pair of documentaries at the Bluesfest and the Folkfest about ten years ago and I couldn't get over the number of people who sat huddled together, like tadpoles in a jar, under umbrellas and tarps in 35 degree heat, with their bums in the mud to watch musicians risk life and limb to give them a performance.
Look what happened two years ago. Now the Bluesfest is getting sued by a roadie.
They never learn.
The year we did our documentary, which I'll show you in another post, Danny Aykroyd and Jim Belushi actually performed in the rain n' tunder. It was practically a monsoon. At the Bluesfest, we were working. We were backstage. I was drinking beer and eating sandwiches.
I'm writing this for free so I'm not going to get my bum wet.
I also once saw Rod Stewart tap dance during a lighting storm at the old Ottawa Ex. But I was under the lip of the stadium. With beer. And hot dogs.
Rod, God Bless the old tosser, was risking his life.
I wouldn't do that, even if I was getting paid.
He also took hallucinogen drugs and I don't do that either.

It's supposed to rain most of the weekend, so I'm looking for indoor things to do.
I'm thinking of taking the baby to the Museum of Science and Technology to watch her hair stand on end. That would be awesome. And it's free on Canada Day. So are all the other museums.
There are also a couple of things I'm going to check out in my own neighborhood.
Apparently, there is a new rock climbing place that's just opened across from Laser Quest on St. Laurent Blvd. There's also a SkyZone trampoline park down off Conroy.
Maybe I'll sit indoors and do my research.
Mostly, because it's my birthday this weekend, I'll be drinking tequila on the deck.
Under the big blue umbrella.
You will not see me on Parliament Hill on Canada Day, either.
I'm not 15.
I'll watch it on the telly with the rest of the nation.
I'm planted.
But here, for your pleasure is a very nice video of the RCMP Musical Ride taken last year.
Sorry, I couldn't find the Smell o' Vision for the manure part.

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