Thursday, 6 June 2013

McGuinty Liberals: Stinkin' to high heaven

Boy, the NDP is looking pretty good of late.
Dick Wolff should give Tom Mulcair a call should he decide to resurrect his franchise as Law and Order: Special Senate Unit.
Frankly, though, it's hard not to look good in Ottawa when you don't have any Senate seats.
And now the Ontario Liberals have given the NDP another gift.
This gas plant thing is a hot mess that's getting positively nuclear now that it's been revealed that McGoo's crew and staff in the energy ministry have been pressing the "delete all" buttons on all of their computers hoping that they won't smeared with the shit that the ex-premier left for Kathleen Wynne to clean up.
His stall is mighty dirty. She's going to need an extra pair of rubber boots.
Again, the NDP haven't been in power in Ontario for decades, so none of the manure will stick to them. My kids were tiny tots when Bob Rae was premier, when Rae Days were all the rage. Look it up, children. His complete debasing of the Ontario government must be in the history books SOMEWHERE. I'm sure it's being taught by the older teachers.
Doesn't matter what happens. People are fed up with the foxes guarding the henhouse.
Ontario needs to be under new ownership.

In honor of Premier Dad, I present this for your listening pleasure.


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